Changing the details the Live Chat widget requests from visitors

Changing the details the Live Chat widget requests from visitors

When a customer starts a new chat via your widget, they are required to provide their name and email address. This ensures that if they are a repeat customer, Breadstack can link the new chat to their existing profile. Or, if this is their first interaction, Breadstack will create a new profile based on their email address.
Note that these settings apply only to chats initiated via your widget, not to social media chats. Facebook and Instagram chats do not require customers to enter personal details.

Name and email address are automatically required for all customers. You have the option of also requiring customers to enter a phone number. To toggle the phone number requirement on or off:
  1. Go to Settings > Service Settings .
  2. Toggle the top ribbon to Widget and select Widget Greeting from the menu.
  3. Under Required Input Fields, set the Phone number requirement on or off. Click Save.
You'll see toggles for the Name and Email address requirements here, too, but you may be unable to turn them off. This is to ensure that Breadstack can collect enough basic data on your customers to link interactions and build profiles.

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