Finding a specific order

Finding a specific order

To find a specific order in Breadstack, go to Orders > All Orders.

The fastest way to find any order is to search by its Order ID or Tracking ID. You'll find these fields among the Customer Activity search fields near the top of the page.

If you have either one of these numbers, enter it and click Apply Filter underneath the search fields. Screenshot Breadstack search order ID

However, there may be cases in which you don't have these ID numbers. Here are a few tips to conduct your search.

  1. If you know the customer's user name, first or last nameemail address, phone number, and/or street address, search using the Customer Info fields.
If your store is on Cova
If the customer created an account under one name but used a different name to place an order, you may be unable to search for that order using the account name. For best results, search using the order ID or other criteria.
  • If you know a product or category in the order, try searching on these fields (located under Customer Activity). Combining these and/or any other fields you're able to fill out, such as Shipping Method, Payment, Coupon, and even Order Total or Quantity will help you narrow down your results.
  • If you know the status of the order, or the approximate date it was placed, you can refine your search results using the order status ribbon and/or date dropdown at the top of the page.Screenshot Breadstack all orders status ribbon

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