Integrating ShipStation with Breadstack

Integrating ShipStation with Breadstack

ShipStation is a multichannel Canadian shipping software application. Integrating ShipStation with Breadstack lets you manage your entire fulfillment workflow from a single portal.

To get started, log into ShipStation and copy your API key and API secret (see instructions in ShipStation's help centre).

For this integration to work properly, you'll need to make sure ShipStation is connected to your Canada Post account. If you haven't set up this connection, you will may experience issues printing waybills and fulfilling mail orders from Breadstack.

See ShipStation's help article on connecting your Canada Post Account.
Once you have this information handy, follow the below steps to integrate ShipStation. Note that if your organization has multiple stores, you will need to connect each store individually.
  1. Go to Settings > Retail > Integrations and select ShipStation from the options.
  2. Next to your store's name, click Connect.
  3. Enter your API Key and API Secret. Click Save.
If your connection was successful, you'll see it listed in Integrations > ShipStation. From here, you can:
  1. Use the green Connection toggle to temporarily disable the integration (simply click the toggle again to re-enable it)
  2. Delete the connection altogether (you can set up the integration again at any time, using the above process)
  3. Edit your API Key or API Secret

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