Setting up the Breadstack Order Management (OMS) App

Setting up the Breadstack Order Management (OMS) App

The Breadstack OMS App is designed for use at a physical store location. Use this simplified, tablet-friendly version of Breadstack to process and look up orders, and to print receipts, while moving around the store.

Here's how to download and install the app, then connect it to your printer You'll need:
  1. A tablet
  2. Your Breadstack login credentials
  3. A printer with Bluetooth enabled
Note that when you install the Breadstack OMS App, you'll be asked to select one of your organization's stores. The app will only show orders related to that store location. However ,you can switch to a different store view at any time.

This is to ensure that staff working at that location see only relevant information.

Step 1: Find the app in Google Play

Search the Google Play store for Breadstack OMS. Download and install the app onto your tablet or phone.

Step 2: Log in with your Breadstack account and select a store

Use your organization's Breadstack credentials to log in.

Once you're in, you'll be prompted to choose a store (all stores belonging to your organization will be available as options). You can only choose one store at a time, but you can switch between them later in the app's Settings.

Step 3: Connect to a printer

Establish a Bluetooth connection with your store's printer so you can easily print order receipts on the go.
  1. Establish a Bluetooth connection between your device and printer.

  2. In the OMS App, go to Settings, and select  Printer. If you can't find your printer in the list, make sure to double-check your Bluetooth connection.

  3. Click Save.

Step 4: Configure your settings

Pay a visit to the app's Settings menu, where you can adjust the following preferences.

Store locations

Under Settings > Location, you can switch away from your current store view, and into any other store belonging to your organization in Breadstack.

New order notifications

Notifications are important in making sure your staff are aware of newly placed orders. In the OMS app, you can see how many new orders have come in since you last checked - they will appear as a red number above the Orders icon in the left-hand navigation bar.

New orders also make a sound. In Settings > Notifications, you can adjust whether notification sounds should repeat, and if so, how often.

Receipt printing

Under Settings > Receipt Printing, you'll find the option to connect a printer via Bluetooth.

You can also turn on Auto-print. When this setting is turned on, receipts will print automatically for all new orders as soon as they appear in Breadstack.

Here's an example of a receipt printed from the OMS App:

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