Viewing your store's promotions schedule

Viewing your store's promotions schedule

Breadstack shows all your store's promotions in a calendar view so you can quickly and easily see what's scheduled.

Viewing promotions on the calendar

The promotions calendar gives you a bird's-eye view of sales events at your store.

First navigate to Promotion > All Promotions. There are options of viewing: List and CalendarIf you want to view as Calendar form, adjust the toggle to Calendar at the top of the page. You'll see your store's promotions displayed as coloured bars on the calendar (your store may have its own colour-coding system or assign colours randomly).  

For List form, adjust the toggle to List at the top of the page. Under this mode, you would be able to filter out promotions based on their start/end date, frequency (just once or repeating) and their status (scheduled, ongoing, finishing, finished, draft) 

Here are a few tips for navigating the calendar:

  • To view details of any promotion, including its start/end times; the products, categories, or brands it includes; and whether it will repeat, click on it in the calendar.
  • Ongoing or future promotions appear in bold colours, while past promotions appear faded.
  • To find a promotion by name, use the search bar above the calendar.

Screenshot Breadstack Promotions calendar



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