Creating and editing coupons

Creating and editing coupons

Coupons can help you build customer relationships, move inventory faster, and create marketing opportunities.

Breadstack offers tools to create coupons with detailed settings, so you can make sure they're a true asset to your business. Here's how to create and edit a coupon.

Tip: Once you've created a coupon, you can track its performance and usage. See Tracking coupon usage for more.

Creating coupons

To create a new coupon, navigate to Promotion > Coupons and select + Add Coupon in the upper right corner.

1. Fill in General settings

These fields determine your coupon's basic type.

  • Add a Coupon Code of your choosing and next to it, you will have the box with the label Allow free shipping tick the box if you want customers who use the coupon to also be eligible for free shipping (if they meet the free shipping criteria).
  • Below will display your participating location if your store is on Cova/Greenline. If not, your screen will not have this option. 
  • Fill in the details in the Description box for your team members to identify the coupon better. 
  • Set an Expiry Date after which the coupon cannot be redeemed. 

2. Fill in Coupon Usage 

This refer to 2 sections which are Usage Restriction and Usage Frequency Limits

  1. Usage Restriction: 
    1. Fill in the amount for the Minimum spend and Maximum spend that you would like your customers to do. 
    2. Below will have 2 boxes: (1) the option to not allow customers to use the coupon in conjunction with other coupons, (2) the coupon would not be applied to items on sale. You can pick and choose which one to go for. 
  2. Usage Frequency Limits: 
    1. This is the amount of usage that you would want your customers to use. There will be 3 fields of data that you need to fill in: 
      1. Usage Limit per Coupon 
      2. Usage Limit per User
      3. Usage Limit to X Item 

3. Fill in Coupon Details 

Here's where you fill in the details of your coupons: 

  1. Coupon Type: There are 2 types of coupons that Breadstack is currently supported - Percentage discount (discount on a fixed amount of percentage) and Fixed amount discount (a fixed amount of discount on every purchase/items for the customer). After clicking on the type, you will move to the box to fill in the amount. 
  2. Applied to: This is the section that allows you to be more specific as to where your coupons would apply. 4 options will be displayed here: Specific Products, Specific Brands, Specific Categories, All Products. Tick the box that matches with your promotion plan. 

4. Fill in Customer 
Under this section, you would be able to choose between having your coupons to be applied to All Customer or Specific Customer. Tick the box that you want for the coupon.  

Finding and editing coupons

After you've created a coupon, it will appear in your coupon list (Promotion > Coupons). This list shows you several details about each coupon, including its type, amount, the product IDs it pertains to, the number of times it has been used versus its limit, and its expiry date.

To edit a coupon, click Edit under the coupon code. When you're finished making changes, click Update Coupon in the upper right corner.


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