Creating product tags

Creating product tags

Unlike categories, tags don't determine how your site is structured, but they do help customers find products with certain characteristics.

Create tags using words and phrases that customers are likely to search for. For example, you might create tags that represent flavours: Earthy, Salty, Sweet, or Mild.

Adding a new tag

  1. Visit Products > Tags and click + Add New Tag.
  2. Give the tag a name and a description, the slug will auto populate to replicate the name, but you can choose to customize it.
  3. Click Save. Your new tag will appear in the list in Products > Tags. You can assign it to use it when creating a new product or editing an existing one.

    You can edit your tag at any time by clicking Edit under its name in the list. You can Edit or Quick Edit, the differences are the scope of actions. Edit allows you to tailor name, slug and the description of the tag; whereas Quick Edit only lets you to edit the Name and Slug. 




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